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The TotalCare CPAP therapy program was built with one goal in mind...  Better results for you!
Connect with easier and more effective therapy. 

Patient centered healthcare is healthcare that revolves around the needs and desires of patients, rather than around the organizations and systems in which it is provided.  At TotalCare everyone cooperates with one another as a team, with a common focus on the best interest of you, the patient.   TotalCare combines teamwork and information technology to improve healthcare and improve your experience of your healthcare.

Your primary care clinician leads your care team. Your primary care clinician focuses on you to help develop health care goals.  Through TotalCare, primary care clinician can manage and coordinate your care with other providers, which may include specialists or other health care professionals such as labs or therapists.

TotalCare gives you the education and support you need to make decisions and participate in your own care with:

  • Interactive Checkups to Track Your Therapy
  • Equipment & Mask Maintenance Notifications & Reminders
  • Video Reference Library & Searchable FAQ Tuned Specifically for Your Equipment
  • Track Important 'Sleep Health Metrics' from All Major CPAPs
  • Store and Share Your Documents Such as Prescriptions, Therapy Reports and Sleep Studies in a Secure Environment
  • Qualified Support and Assistance When Needed
  • Easy Self-service Supply Ordering

You, the patient, are the most important part of a patient-centered healthcare. When you take an active role in your health and work closely with your team, you can be sure that you’re getting the care you need.

So who's checking on your therapy?  -  The answer, first and foremost, must be... YOU.

HIPAA Security

With the assistance of security consultants and health information privacy experts, we ensure that our security measures are up to speed with HIPAA's (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) specialized and stringent requirements. As a result TotalCare eHealth will maintain appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to provide for the continuing security of your PHI (Private Health Information).

Your TotalCare account provides all of the therapy management features you need in one easy-to-use eHealth program.

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