Add Value to Your Existing Patient Relationships, and Bring New Patients into Your Practice with the TotalCare Sleep Apnea Continuum of Care Program

The TotalCare Sleep Apnea Continuum of Care Program ensures the highest standard of care for your sleep apnea patients using the latest technology. The program combines outcomes-based eHealth protocols and a proprietary ‘eHealth Operating System’ to help you identify, recruit and manage sleep apnea patients efficiently and effectively.

If your practice is similar to the average US primary care practice, up to 30% of your patients are needlessly suffering the impacts of sleep apnea, even some who are prescribed CPAP therapy...

  • 75% of sleep apnea sufferers remain unaware and undiagnosed
  • 30% of patients prescribed a sleep test fail to get one
  • 50% of new CPAP patients fail to adhere to therapy
  • 30% of CPAP users experience poor clinical outcomes
  • Overall low patient, physician, and payer satisfaction

Untreated sleep apnea leads to heart disease, stroke, increased risk of auto accidents, depression, social isolation, high rates of employee absenteeism… and the list goes on. 

Fortunately, sleep apnea can be treated effectively if known basic best practices are followed throughout the complete continuum of care.

Getting good results for sleep apnea patients is not complicated.  Basic best practices are well known and agreed upon. The problem is not what to do to get better results, but rather how to do it effectively at the primary point of care.

The answer includes two important parts: people and technology.  

Effective sleep apnea management starts with people... your clinical expertise and oversight, personal support provided by a qualified CPAP therapist, and your patients themselves – all three are critical. The TotalCare eHealth platform provides the technology needed to make all of the 'basic best practices' of the sleep apnea continuum of care more efficient and effective for everyone involved.

The TotalCare Sleep Apnea Continuum of Care Program makes it easy to screen for sleep apnea risk factors, test high risk patients, and arrange therapy for patients who test positive for sleep apnea.

Easily Implement a Sleep Apnea Continuum of Care Program into Your Practice

The TotalCare eHealth platform...  

  • Standardizes and automates best practices with outcomes-based eHealth protocols
  • Digitally-unifies patients and all providers on one HIPAA & MARS-E compliant platform
  • Enables interactive patient education and communications
  • Improves patient engagement, recruitment, and satisfaction with value-added continuum of care programs

Patient Convenience

  • Free Web & Mobile eHealth Application
  • Integrated Electronic Rx for Home Sleep Testing
  • On-demand Education, FAQ & Reference Materials
  • Easy Direct Access to Support and Assistance
  • Interactive Assessments & Checkups
  • Affordable Self-pay Products & Services from Qualified Professionals
  • Courtesy Claims Filing, Claims Management, & Claim Appeals Management

Comprehensive CPAP Therapy

  • Sleep Apnea Education & Device-Specific Training
  • Personal Therapy Set-Up and Patient Support By a Qualified CPAP Therapist
  • Therapy Data Collection & Reporting
  • Ongoing Quarterly Follow-Up for Legacy Patients
  • Facilitation of Re-Evaluation & Outcomes Assessment Appointments with Referring Physician

Increased Patient Inflow & Engagement

  • Refer-A-Friend Program Drives Referrals from Happy Patients
  • Direct-To-Patient Marketing & Recruitment Through Online Sleep Health Assessment & Physician Locator
  • Done-for-yoSleep Health Assessment Patient Outreach Campaign for Existing Patients
  • Follow-Up Identifies & Engages Patients who Need Additional Clinical Support & Services
  • Tele-Medicine Features Coming Soon!

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