Add Value to Your Existing Patient Relationships, and Bring New Patients into Your Practice by Utilizing the TotalCare Sleep Health Program


TotalCare allows you and your patients to navigate the realm of sleep medicine together

Patients stay in your practice instead of referring all of them to sleep specialists

Easy step-by-step process developed with sleep professionals helps guide you through diagnosis and continuing treatment


  • Drive immediate revenue and positive ROI while addressing a significant unattended health issue

  • Patient completes the TotalCare free sleep health assessment (billable under CPT code 96103 if completed in office - average $15 per test)

  • Automated follow-up identifies & engages patients who need additional clinical support & services

  • Electronic prescriptions allow easy referrals for Sleep Tests, Specialists, CPAP therapy, and Oral Appliance therapy (prefilled with patient demographics and other basic information)

  • HIPPA compliant private messaging and document sharing make patient communications easy

  • Standardized clinical protocols help track and improve outcomes

  • Personalized patient handouts, in-office posters, prewritten newsletter ads, Facebook posts, tweets, and other advertising assets

  • Refer-a Friend program drives referrals from happy patients

  • Direct-to-patient marketing & recruitment through online sleep health assessment & physician locator


Untreated Sleep Disorders are a Major Problem in Healthcare and a Significant Opportunity for Your Practice

If your practice is similar to the average US primary care practice, up to 30% of your patients are needlessly suffering the impacts of sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. Implementing the TotalCare program with your existing patients increases billable encounters, improves outcomes, and increases patient satisfaction.

Outside of your existing patient base, and in your local community, there are thousands of people who need the support of a primary care provider who can help them overcome sleep problems and regain their quality of life.  Sleep health is an under-served market in the United States, this represents opportunity for your practice that TotalCare helps you capture.  



TotalCare Makes Sleep Health Easy & Rewarding

  • Streamlines assessment, testing, diagnosis, and therapy

  • Simplifies referral process

  • Tracks & improves outcomes

  • Increases revenue



TotalCare Brings All Providers Together Around the Patient

TotalCare makes sleep health step-by-step easy for you and every provider you refer to follows standardized protocols based on best practices to ensure that your patients get the best possible care.

TotalCare Ensures Efficient Patient Managment For Screening, Testing, Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Sleep Health Assessment

  • Clinical Sleep Evaluation

  • Sleep Test Order/Referral

  • Post-test Consultation

  • CPAP or Oral Appliance Therapy Referral

  • Therapy Follow-up Consultation

TotalCare provides you with a turn-key sleep health program for your existing patient population, and a way to attract new patients.
Register for free today and expand your business by offering this valuable service to your patients.