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CPAP Users

Whether you are new to CPAP therapy, or a long-term CPAP user, TotalCare eHealth CPAP Therapy Program helps you connect with easier & more effective CPAP therapy.  

TotalCare's CPAP therapy program was built with one goal in mind... Better results for you!

Feeling Tired?

Are you Suffering from lack of sleep?   Do people tell you that you snore?   Do you wake up with a dry mouth?

If So, You May Have a Sleep Disorder. Discover Your Risk Level for Sleep Apnea and Other Common Sleep Disorders With Our Free Sleep Health Quiz.


Sleep health is an underserved market in the United States.

Thousands of people within your existing patient base & in your local community need the support of a primary care provider who can help them conquer their sleep problems & regain their quality of life.  

 At TotalCare everyone cooperates with one another as a team...

With a common focus on the best interest of the patient!

TotalCare combines teamwork and information technology to help improve healthcare for the patient. 

The primary care clinician leads the patient care team and focuses on the patient to help develop health care goals.  Through TotalCare, the primary care clinician can manage and coordinate the patient care with other providers, which may include specialists or other health care professionals such as dentists, specialists, labs or therapists.

Primary Care Physicians

TotalCare Ensures Efficient Patient Management For Screening, Testing, Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Sleep Health Assessment
  • Clinical Sleep Evaluation
  • Sleep Test Order/Referral
  • Post-test Consultation
  • Sleep Therapy Referral
  • Therapy Follow-up Consultation
  • On-going Therapy Evaluation

If your practice is similar to most US primary care practices, up to 30% of your patients are needlessly suffering the impacts of sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.

Implementing the TotalCare program increases billable encounters, improves outcomes, and increases patient satisfaction.

TotalCare Improves Outcomes with Standardized Evidence-based Protocols & Consistent Execution of Basic Best Practices

  • Screening
  • Education
  • Engagement
  • Empowerment
  • Clinical follow-up

TotalCare provides a turn-key sleep health program for your existing patient population, and a way to attract new patients.
Register for free today and expand your business by offering this valuable service to your patients.

 Sleep Dentists


Add Value to Your Existing Patient Relationships, and Bring in New Patients with the TotalCare Sleep Apnea Continuum of Care Program

If you would like to be considered as a TotalCare eHealth Sleep Dentist, please fill out the form on this page.

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